Council Meeting Novi Sad

From the 6th to the 13th of November 9 people of our local group attended the Council Meeting. The Council Meeting takes place two times a year at one of the 80 Local Groups. Novi Sad (Serbia) was selected to organize the autumn Council Meeting of 2016. During the day, we participated at the general assembly. On the first days, we got updates of the different projects, initiatives and committees. The other days were filled with working groups important for the ESTIEM Network and voting’s about different matters. One of the outcomes was that, we have new project leaders for BrainTrainer, Europe3D, Academic Team Creation and Language Program. If you want to see the results more detailed, you should visit the ESTIEM Homepage ( At nighttime, local group Novi Sad organized amazing parties, where we can relax from the exhausted program. It was an amazing week, where we met our friends from all over Europe again and made new friends. Thank you Novi Sad for organizing and see you somewhere in Europe!