Summer Academy Minho

From 30th of July until 6th of August, Summer Academy took place in Minho, Portugal.

The goal of Summer Academy is to show students opportunities to get new perspectives and ideas both in their field of studies and on different cultures. To create an excellent environment for creative thinking and personal development, the event is led by a senior academic leader.

As this year’s topic was The world beyond the box, the academic leaders Toon Ariens and Natalia Kobza, were showing the participants not only ways to encourage creative thinking and to get input from other people, but also how to choose the right members of a project team and how to start their own business.
In addition, the participants were given insights on the importance of intercultural communication, networking and reflection.

The whole event took place in a beautiful villa northern Portugal. This remote location made it possible to leave the daily thoughts and struggles behind and to focus completely on what is really important in life. Furthermore, it was possible to relax in the villa’s beautiful pool and to play soccer on the private soccer field.

All in all, Summer Academy Minho 2016 was an enriching and life-changing experience that definitely encouraged the participants to change theirselves and the world.

We want to thank the academic leaders Toon Ariens and Natalia Kobza, the project team from local group Minho and the team of Summer Academy.