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The 3 D´s – Decarbonization, Decentralization, Digitalization

Renewable energy and the energy transition is a well discussed topic in Germany in these days:The German government has set the goal to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent until 2020 (compared to 1990). Furthermore, carbon dioxide emissions should be reduced by 80 to 95 percent until 2050. Simultaneously, renewable energies are supposed to cover 55 percent of Berlin´s energy usage as all nuclear plants will be shut down until 2022.

The energy market is challenged in different ways: On one hand, we need reliability in our energy supply. At the same time, energy needs to be sourced sustainably and ecologically friendly. Another very important aspect is to maintain Germany´s competitive ability in industry.

How do we make renewable energy ready for the energy market? This is the big question which we´re going to cover in Berlin´s part of the „Vision“ project. Our topic is „The 3 D´s – Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization“.

During this seminar, we – Local Group Berlin – and our partners will give you insights into the challenges of the energy transition and show strategies and measures. There will be a special focus on decarbonization, decentralization of the energy production and the digitalization of the energy infrastructure.

The seminar consists of an interesting mix of specialist lectures, company visits, workshops and case studies.This will give you not only comprehensive knowledge of the whole topic but will also raise discussions.

Our project team hopes to welcome you to Berlin soon!


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Established in 1993, the ESTIEM project Vision is an Europe-wide seminar series with an annually changing, unconventional topic related to Industrial Engineering and Management. The series consist of 8 one-week seminars, each having a different subtopic of the main topic and gathering around 20 students from the ESTIEM network. Among them 2 seminars are organised in cooperation with the businessbooster project to stimulate innovative thinking, teach entrepreneurship basics to build successful startups and discover the business opportunities in the relevant field. The Vision seminars have a varied schedule with lectures, workshops, company visits, fun and cultural activities to provide an interactive learning and cultural experience. The series end with the Final Conference which aims to summarize the whole series by connecting different subtopics, sharing the outcomes of the seminars and looking into the main topic from a broader perspective. At the Council Meeting Porto in April 2016 „Renewable Energy – The Power of our Future“ was selected as the focus topic for 2016 – 2017.

Renewable Energy – The Power of Our Future

Talking about the Energy Transition, we hear more and more about the keywords decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. That´s why we want to focus our Vision seminar in Berlin on the topic „The 3 D´s – Decarbonization, Decentralization, Digitalization“. During the seminar, we are focussing on the development of renewable energy, as well as strategies and actions to conduct the Energy Transition.

All in all, we are discussing one question: How should the design and the structure of our future energy market look like to ensure safe, cost efficient and environmentally compatible power supply.

You, our participants, are going to get insights into principles and the state-of-the-art of renewable energy and the future energy market. Besides that, you will get insights into new potentials for research.


To achieve the climatic goals of the German Federal Government, the energy production needs to be changed: The share of fossil fuels on the overall energy production needs to be decreased significantly. In return, the share of renewable energy needs to be increased to 80 percent until 2050. The overall goal is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide significantly.


If energy is produced from renewable sources like wind and sun, this usually happens locally at many different places. Those places are not necessarily the areas where this energy is needed. Therefore, a network expansion is needed to transport the energy throughout the country.


One of the keys to conduct a successful and sustainable energy transition is digitalization. One of the key factors is to connect and optimize production, distribution and consumption of energy. On the other hand, it is crucial to ensure information and data security to guarantee the security of the energy sector and acceptance of the end-consumer.

Reiner Lemoine Institute is an independent non-profit research institution that contributes to a transformation towards a sustainable energy supply based on 100 % renewable energies. Our three research fields are “Transformation of Energy Systems”, “Mobility with Renewable Energies”, and “Off-Grid Systems”. We provide applied research and pursue the goal of scientifically supporting the long-term transition of the energy supply system towards renewable energies. Further information

Dr. Kathrin Goldammer has been the managing director of Reiner Lemoine Institute since 2016. She is an energy market expert focusing on energy policy, stakeholder involvement in politics, and transdisciplinary approaches to knowledge generation. Former positions include the German Academy of Science and Engineering acatech, the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies IASS in Potsdam, a think-tank for sustainability research and the energy industry. Kathrin studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and received her PhD in Physics in 2007 after research periods in Switzerland, the USA, and Japan.

RLI will present its research on renewable energies, mobility and the international energy transition. You can discuss open energy system modelling with the “Transformation of Energy Systems” experts, battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles, and Off-Grid electrification schemes.

Dr. Kathrin Goldammer

Managing Director
Reiner Lemoine Institute

    Prof. Declan Kennedy

    Cofounder of Eco-village Lebensgarten

      The Eco-village movement in different parts of the world is an attempt to solve different problems from bottom up but in a holistic manner. The Eco-village approach worldwide is aiming to improve participatory planning, greening the villages (urban and rural), reducing noise and air pollution, saving and recycling energy and water, using of solar and renewable energies – and building and rebuilding using only healthy materials. Prof. Declan Kennedy will be looking at examples of eco-villages and their results as a contribution towards more sustainable living. He will present different holistic approaches, which are generally more successful than one-sided optimization of individual ecological aims. Ecovillage Design assists the greatest need for action towards lower consumption of non-renewable resources that will arise in the next decades, if not immediately.

      Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Declan Kennedy is an Irish Architect, Urban Planer, Mediator, and Permaculture Designer, and founding Chairman of the Global Eco-Village Network and cofounder of Eco-village Lebensgarten.

      We are proud to have him as patron for our Vision event.

      It is our honor to introduce our patron for the Vision-event in Berlin, who is an expert in the field of renewable energies. Since 2001 he is Full Professor for Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies at Technische Universität Berlin
      Besides that he became the managing director of the TU-Campus EUREF gGmbH to introduce and implement of pursuing Master Studies Majors concerning topics such as „Energy in Urban Environments“. 
      In 2007 he became Director of the Innovation Centre Energy, being responsible or the coordination of all energy-related research at TU Berlin. This Innovation Centre offers a platform for communication and cooperation between partners from industries and external searches.

      We are happy that we could win Prof. Dr. Behrendt for our project and we are sure that he will enrich our Vision-seminar in Berlin academically.

      Prof. Dr. Frank Behrendt

      Full Professor for Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energies at TU Berlin

        Markus Schneider

        Project Manager

          KoM-SOLUTION GmbH, founded in 2005, is based in Berlin and operates as consulting and service company for public utilities and energy service providers.
          KoM-SOLUTION offers customers access to the energy whole sale market providing portfolio and balancing group management services.

          Markus Schneider is a project manager at KoM-SOLUTION. He started to work at the company in 2009 as a consultant for process and strategic management with the focus on sales and portfolio management. Markus studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Kaiserslautern.

          Any questions? Please don´t hesitate to contact us!

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          On this page we are going to present you the people behind Vision Berlin.

          Minh Le

          Project Leader

          As Local Responsible of Local Group Berlin I want to improve the amount of professional events we have in Berlin. After I heard that Nga wants to organize a Vision-Seminar in Berlin, I was like: „Yes, Let´s do it!“ And I don’t regret any minute we worked until now for this event. For me personally it was a great decision and I want to thank especially our local team here in Berlin for their work. Berlin is a great place for the topic „Renewable Energies“ and we want to show it ESTIEMers from all over Europe. I invite you all to apply for our Vision-Seminar in Let´s have a great time in March!

            Nga Kusch

            Project Leader

            Being inspired by this year´s topic „Renewable Energy“ the first thing I thought was : This is perfect for BERLIN! So, two months later our application got accepted. Besides of the fact that Berlin is an innovative, multicultural, multifaceted, imposingly, friendly, relaxed, dirty but stylish Hipster-City it offers many aspects concerning „Renewable Energy“ which I would like to show ESTIEMers all over Europe.
            I can´t wait to show you our beloved capital of Germany!

              Patrick Windzio

              Project Leader

              When I´ve heard of this year´s main topic for Vision, I realized that there was no such place like Berlin to get better insights into the subject of the energy transition. Berlin locates different stakeholders which have a stake in the energy transition and renewable energy in general as there is the federal government and many startups, as well as local energy suppliers.

              Therefore, I am really excited to invite you to this year´s episode in Berlin from March 13th to 18th. I am sure that we all are going to have an informative, exciting and fun time and are able to educate ourselves.

                Stefan Friedrich


                I am Stefan, 25 and single. My friends say that I am very easy-going and sustainable. I enjoy watching movies, good wine and long talks about renewable energy sources at the sunset. I am a genuine guy, looking for someone who also shares my passion for Decarbonisation and Decentralization. If you would like to get to know me, simply apply for Vision Berlin 2017.

                ps: Don’t worry about your parents. We will tell them we met on Tinder.

                  Tobias Krakau

                  Corporate Relations

                  I’m Toby and I didn’t expect being a part of the Vision project team. But Minh asked me and used my weakness. I could not say no to his beautiful, Asian, narrow eyes. So I finally become part of this „great“ team. Now I’m the CR responsible for the event, so you shout better be very friendly to me because I’m organizing the money for you. ;*

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